Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lots of Knitting, Not much Posting...

2012 seems like such a long time ago. Actually it WAS a long time ago. Bad Blogger, Bad!

I have been knitting, not a huge quantity of projects, but enough that I could have showed some on the blog. Apparently, I couldn't be bothered.   #8-(   The usual Christmas knitting, this year cowls and socks would have been nice. And three shawls for me, those are pretty. I could have posted pictures of those, as well as quite a few pairs of socks.

Socks have become my mindless "car knitting". I don't actually knit in the car because I'm usually  the only person in my car (unless I'm parked somewhere, waiting for something; standing in line at the bank; waiting at the dentist; going somewhere on a plane... you know the sort of places it is good to have some knitting to occupy me if I don't want to  come completely unglued). I've managed to  turn out lots of socks, mostly for me, but if friends are appreciative they are usually in line for a pair or two. This is what laundry day looks like:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hey, Lookie Here!

Yet another new blog! This one will be for my latest crafty addition... knitting. When it is cold outside, or I'm waiting on line somewhere, I knit. Well, as of two years ago I knit. Beforee that I just fumed and got all upset that I was being inconvenienced! Knitting is an excellent way to pass the time... and you get clothes! Cool, eh?