Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lots of Knitting, Not much Posting...

2012 seems like such a long time ago. Actually it WAS a long time ago. Bad Blogger, Bad!

I have been knitting, not a huge quantity of projects, but enough that I could have showed some on the blog. Apparently, I couldn't be bothered.   #8-(   The usual Christmas knitting, this year cowls and socks would have been nice. And three shawls for me, those are pretty. I could have posted pictures of those, as well as quite a few pairs of socks.

Socks have become my mindless "car knitting". I don't actually knit in the car because I'm usually  the only person in my car (unless I'm parked somewhere, waiting for something; standing in line at the bank; waiting at the dentist; going somewhere on a plane... you know the sort of places it is good to have some knitting to occupy me if I don't want to  come completely unglued). I've managed to  turn out lots of socks, mostly for me, but if friends are appreciative they are usually in line for a pair or two. This is what laundry day looks like: